10 Foods You Should Never Eat When You’re Sick

10 Foods You Should Never Eat When You’re Sick

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  2. O' Okay than_ I'd just wanted to thank you, for being "1 of a Kind" also for "Putting me this Early" Mrs. Babble Top. But! Nice job & thanks, for playing video.

  3. WOW!!!! This episode is a Total Buzz Kill !!!!!!!!
    The only fun and there is no fun when you’re sick home remedies and over medicating yourself staying home and watching TV 📺
    And all the things you just mentioned a
    BIG BUZZKILL 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏻

  4. This video is basically telling me that I’m never going to get well because I’ve been doing all the things that it tells me not to. 🙄

  5. I would just be sick longer then, I always have toast and some of the other stuff on this list, when I get sick. I did have toast when I was sick earlier this year, and I was better in less than two weeks 🤣

  6. Would it not have been easier just to quickly say when you have flu you should only really have water and home made soup?

  7. So basically your telling me to be depressed and watch me drown in a ocean of sickness cuz I’ve been doing all this stuff and so this video is telling me to die in a hole and stay there until I’m 100% depressed and go drown and start screaming in my head and screaming silently
    Donuts time donuts time time to eat donuts!
    *this video eats donuts*
    Revenge time,Revenge time time to play revenge of who drowned my emotions and ate my donuts!

    This vid:we are going to ruin them for you as well ;D 😉

    (Except no alcohol because I don’t drink it)

  8. Lol, at first i thought it was a doctor XD 😂. Though it was pretty much helpful, although im not sick. But i think i will be sick one day, one day.
    Hope y'all feel better soon people!!

  9. Wait so that means, No French fires?!

    Wait a minute, I'm not sick 😃! Guess ill eat them whenever i want before i get sick! 👍

  10. I can save you 13:50 of time on this and sum up what you CAN have in 4 simple words: NOTHING BUT PLAIN WATER!. There. I just saved you a lot of time that can be devoted to better pursuits.

  11. Well, what can I eat because she's literally said that I can't eat anything. The title says ten THINGS. She said ten GROUPS OF FOODS.

  12. So what you are saying is when someone is sick they cant eat anything and they can only drink water… Um sorry wrong try again… Everyone is different…

  13. Well I'm never getting better because I love to eat toast, lemon, pasta, and all things spice. I've been sick for the past 5 weeks now. What foods or drinks can I eat to get better? Could you make a video about it?

  14. Actually if you are dealing with a stomach bug, you DON’T want to be drinking just water because it’s very likely that you will be hit by the nausea right away after you try eating and drinking. This is why people drink Gatorade or Powerade, ginger ale or any soft drink to help counteract the nausea and related symptoms that come with getting a stomach bug. At least this is what my parents recommend for me and my two older brothers, as both of my parents work in medical professions.

    And also this video is basically saying that almost all and every type of food that is out there shouldn’t be eaten when you get sick. BabbleTop this video is clearly starting to sound very misleading because I am sure that some of these items that are mentioned are still okay to have when you’re dealing with sickness. This video is basically saying that there’s nothing good to be eating or drinking when you’re fighting off illnesses. 🤔🤔😒

  15. Me ,my mom and dad got really sick because of seafood but my brother didn't because he didn't eat the seafood and it's annoying because I love seafood

  16. I'm really sick right now
    Me: Sees thumbnail
    Also me: I've ate two oranges today

    Edit: I ALWAYS have toast when sick. My parents say its good. This is a misleading video -_-

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