and reasons to start consuming
apple cider vinegar every days and see what happens did you know that cider vinegar of
organic apple is composed of many enzymes and bacteria which
They are responsible for the vinegar Apple cider have so many
Benefits Here are 10 reasons why
which you should consume all days but you should never drink it
directly since it can burn your esophagus and damage the enamel of your
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related to this video I’ll let you a heart number 1 acts as an antioxidant agent
now free radicals are created by the
metabolic activity of the body if there are more free radicals than
can be managed by enzymes or antioxidant nutrients can cause
oxidative damage to membranes cellular tissues proteins and even the
dna for what would provoke your body a series of diseases of which
we can mention emphysema ulcers arthritis and immune disorders is
Of course we can’t avoid free radicals but what we can
is to minimize its effects and these we can do consuming more
quantity antioxidant products the antioxidants are found in
fruits vegetables and some foods number 2 regulates blood sugar a study conducted in people with
risk of developing type 2 diabetes argue that the people who
they drank water with cider vinegar apple in the food increase the
satiety and significantly reduce the blood glucose
this great benefit can be for people both pre diabetic and
diabetic in other studies it was shown that the
take two teaspoons of vinegar apple cider in a glass of water
before going to bed because it reduces from 14 to 6% blood sugar levels number 3 could help reduce the
blood pressure there are studies that indicate that the
apple cider vinegar can lower blood pressure so
in turn decreases the risk of heart disease this is thanks to
which contains potassium that helps balance sodium levels in the
body already maintain blood pressure optimal also contains magnesium that
relax the walls of the glasses blood and blood pressure decreases
arterial to
number 4 improves heart health apple cider vinegar can
monitor triglyceride levels and of cholesterol in our body due to
this reduces the risk of suffering heart disease in addition to
renal problems i
number 5 eliminates candida overgrowth
the fungus called candida is very frequent that is in our body
we can find it in the skin and in some cavities of our body
apple cider vinegar has used in the treatment of
candidiasis of the intimate parts of the woman since vinegar serves as
prebiotics and prevents the development of candida albicans for the properties
antifungal containing number 6 relieves some discomfort
digestive apple cider vinegar improves
digestive symptoms and discomfort under study vinegar has been shown
Apple serves as an alternative to treatment for problems
gastric emptying in patients diabetics
also apple cider vinegar improves intestinal transit and its components
assets control the growth of unwanted bacteria in the stomach and
the intestine number 7 accelerates and helps the loss of
weight in studies conducted it has been shown
that vinegar increases satiety by what is recommended for weight loss
just add a glass of water one teaspoon cider vinegar
apple and take it twice to day
before breakfast and at dinner until see the results this you can
accompany with a balanced diet and some exercises in the week
there are people who add a small tablespoon of honey so that its flavor does not
be so bitter it is important to be constant in making
of this remedy the reason is that being natural their
effects and benefits will only be seen at long term we must also take the
apple cider vinegar along with a meal healthy and balanced if we always eat
hamburgers or cakes will not serve nothing number 8 can help prevent
osteoporosis more and more older women exist
65 years of age suffering from osteoporosis this alarming condition affects more than
200 million women in the world prevent this disease before
destroy your bones is essential so the cider vinegar of
Apple helps you absorb calcium is therefore one of the best
options to reduce risk is by it is good to drink a glass of
water with apple cider vinegar every morning
it’s very easy to prepare just add one teaspoon apple cider vinegar
glass of water and that’s it is ready to take it
you can drink a glass of water with apple cider vinegar every morning number 9 delays aging apple cider vinegar is
antioxidant so you can prevent premature aging and even
delay the process vinegar components such as
the phenolics succinic acid and flavonoid substances
and acetic acid are responsible for prevent aging number 10 relieves varicose symptoms
the problem with varicose veins in legs we can see it as a
nothing aesthetic appearance than most of women want to hide and disguise
but that problem also causes them pain and inflammation
according to a study done in turkey proved to apply directly
apple cider vinegar on the legs massage it gently and leave them with the
vinegar for 2 hours and then remove it with warm water will help control
symptoms such as pain in addition to decrease the appearance of them what to do to make cider vinegar
Apple taste better apple cider vinegar what
we could call as a product miraculous but many people don’t
like its taste if you are one of them here we give you some
options to improve it add honey
it’s an easy way to do it much more tolerable to the palate mix a
teaspoon cider vinegar apple with a spoonful of honey in a
glass of water take it with juice
mix two teaspoons of vinegar Apple Cider with Apple Juice or
from grape not only does it taste better but it can
get to like make yourself a tea
boil a cup of water add a teaspoon cider vinegar
apple a teaspoon of honey add a pinch of cinnamon we have reached the end of this edition
of easy remedies 24 for today we say goodbye not before inviting
tell us in the comments yes did you know these reasons to start
consume apple cider vinegar if have you come here tell us which country
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  1. Vivo en Florida , y nunca había escuchado con detalle todos los beneficios del vinagre de manzana Lo único es que yo no necesito bajar de peso que puedo hacer, gracias.

  2. Hola desde Tepic, Nayarit, México.
    Yo no podía doblar el dedo índice de la mano izquierda y tenía dolor, así mismo el dedo gordo de la mano derecha en la base tenía un promontorio consecuencia de una pelea y en el promontorio se empezó a a cuartear la piel. Desde que empecé a usar el vinagre de manzana a los pocos días pude doblar el dedo sin dolor y en semanas bajo el promontorio y se alivio mi piel.

  3. Dios lo bendiga x sus recetas, yo tengo una pregunta el vinagre de sidra de manzana podría dañar a una persona q sufre de úlcera estomacal??

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