đź”´âś…Avec Seulement Un verre de Ceci en 7 Jours seulement, Nettoyez votre Foie et rendez-le comme Neuf

đź”´âś…Avec  Seulement Un verre de Ceci en 7 Jours seulement, Nettoyez votre Foie et rendez-le comme Neuf

🔴✅With only a glass of this in
7 Days only, Clean your Liver and make it like new Clean your liver and make it look like new
in just è days with a single glass of this drink you there
arrive. Many conscious doctors recommend it
, although we do not grant much of importance to our liver, this organ
is responsible for several important tasks for proper functioning
of our body; indeed the latter purifies and detoxifies it
the blood; it deals with the waste contained in blood, especially toxic substances
, everything we eat, waste accumulate, then the liver removes these
toxins accumulated and purifies the blood, therefore you understand the importance of taking it
good care, That’s why in today’s video
We will prepare a recipe to help you at
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to thank you personally Before explaining how to prepare this
wonderful drink it is important to know what
are the properties of each ingredient that
compose this drink, because with just a glass, your liver will become like new; For this we will need Beet
, it’s a vegetable widely used since
antiquity as a remedy, thanks to its properties it has the ability to inhibit
and of prevent the appearance of tumors
cancerous, it purifies the body; the pregnant women can combine beet
with cucumber, my tomato and onion, it will be very beneficial for their babies
and to strengthen the smooth running of the pregnancy
Beet also promotes production of
hemoglobin and red blood cells which are essential in people with
leukemia or anemia, it also helps you
stay young, it prevents diseases
of the heart, contributes to the growth of hair and nails, improve appearance
of the skin, increases the production of the hormone dopamine, eliminates bad mood
and depression, strengthens bone health
and arteries, prevents water retention, contributes to weight loss and
eliminates liver toxins. before continue I invite you to share these precious
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are you watching our videos? Let’s continue, the raisins meanwhile
are very nutritious, they have a wide range of properties that combat
anemia by providing great amount of iron, these and help in the
production of blood cells they contain proteins that reduce
stress, physical exhaustion and fatigue, prevent
memory loss and improves mental performance.
Raisins have properties antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which
are excellent for fighting constipation , by the way I even made a video
above, in which I asked you to consume raisins and dates for
fight constipation. Raisins prevent cervical cancer
uterine, protects eye health; they are used to
treat cataracts, night blindness, as well as
eyestrain, it protects the bones by preventing osteoporosis, the grapes are
allies for pregnant women and even during
breastfeeding, raisins reduce symptoms of
arthritis, reduces appetite by providing a feeling of satiety, ideal for those
who want to lose weight and who are still wanting to snack, finally the grapes
dry to help remove liver toxins, you have seen the many benefits
what this hellish cocktail is offering, so now let’s go to our recipe
wonderful and delicious drink that you will help cleanse your liver and leave it
clean. For this you will need
half a cup of raisins, 300 grams of
beetroot, juice of two lemons, two and a half cups of water 625 milliliters of water. Preparation: bring the water to a boil
while cutting the beets into small cubes , when the water boils
remove from heat add raisins and the
beet, then cover and let sit for 45 minutes,
when it has cooled, pour the contents into a blender and mash well until obtained
of a mixture homogeneous then add the juice of
lemons to your drink. you should consume your remedy every day on an empty stomach for
a full week another
very simple way and which has effects similar to those of
beetroot is the mixture of olive oil and lemon
this oil cleaning olive and lemon. the combination of these
two ingredients is a healthy and rejuvenating blend, for the
prepare just add a spoon lemon juice
Half a teaspoon of oil olive and take it on an empty stomach at least 30
minutes before breakfast you can detoxify your liver by
Taking it daily for a month, you can
prepare the same formula to improve your
digestion and lower cholesterol in the blood
you can make this recipe several time
according to your needs Here tell me the comments which
both recipes attracted you the most?
you had already prepared one of them in the past, if so what have been
results? Thank you for watching this video until the end, it was for
me a pleasure to share this with you, see you soon by then
take good care of yourself, kisses kisses

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  1. Merci beaucoup pour l'astuce facile et simple bon continuation .je veux un astuce très simple et efficace pour avoir les fesses et les lolo bien ronde mercie de vouloir me répondre.

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