लिवर और ब्लैडर कैंसर का सफलतापूर्वक इलाज|Successful treatment of Liver & Bladder Cancer

लिवर और ब्लैडर कैंसर का सफलतापूर्वक इलाज|Successful treatment of Liver & Bladder Cancer

I am Dilip Kumar. I was diagnosed with cancer, one in the stomach and one in the liver. When I had cancer in the liver,
I started treatment with Max. There I was operated. and I was also given radiation, and underwent 28 to 30 chemo. even after that
I had cancer inside me. And here, I… I could not even stand
when I was undergoing chemo. And I used to lie in my bed. For five days, he could neither
drink water nor eat food. On the bed… He could neither drink
water nor eat food. On the bed… He used to lie in bed
without talking to anyone… After chemo I used to
lay in my bed till 10-15 days. I neither drank anything nor ate anything. I used to have just juice. And my face, nails, hands and legs,
everything turned black. everything had turned black. So this time… I went there,
they got my CT scan done. After completing my treatment… …after they completed my treatment, doctor again saw my CT Scan they detected cancer again in it. They told me that again… since they could not detect my nerves,
they would cut me here, They would put in a cable. they would put in a channel. Then I would be given chemo. After this… As such I could not stand or walk, I was very worried. In Max, someone told me about this
and asked me to meet doctor. It was in New Friend’s Colony. New Friend’s Colony In New Friend’s Colony,
when I got the address, then I… My family members had left me at home, few of them, they had come here , they took medicines,
and after that I became fit. Now my health is much better than before. Now I can walk also.
I am also going to my office. He also takes walk in the morning. Otherwise I was bedridden at
my home 11-12 months. I was worried thinking what happened to me. I spent money but my
disease remained as it was. My cancer is very low, and my
treatment is going on very good here. It is almost equal into nil. I can walk now,
I ride a motorcycle. I drive vehicles,
I do all tasks. I never sit at home. Earlier also he never sat at home,
he has come back to that routine now. I can even come my ownself to take medicines. He has come back to the same
routine that he had 11 months back. Take walks in the morning… You must have had
undergone a lot of trouble… Trouble? The day doctor told me,
only my heart knows the pain. I could neither tell him,
nor the children. You must have felt really bad. My heart had given away… Today you must be crying with joy! I am so happy today. Doctors told he is fine I used to pray to God to
give me strength everyday. How are you feeling today? I am feeling great today
my heart is full of happiness. I am so happy. We watch doctor in the TV program. I watch it every day for an hour.
It comes at 7:45 pm on Care World. I watch it every day,
even if I have to leave my chores aside. We both watch doctor’s program
everyday together for an hour. And we tried a lot to meet you
every time we came. we have small kids my nephew really likes you Actually, people wonder
as how cancer is cured. This is how cancer is cured, in which, the cancer that has started
from gall bladder has reached the liver. This is actually neither
his victory nor our. This is her effort. Had she not taken efforts… I know they have been
coming for past three months, I know how much effort
she has taken on him. I can feel her tears today. Just think, he is the main
support of the family, he is the lone breadwinner
for the family. It was like the entire family won. A family won,
and another thing was won. And their victory… He is the root of the family.
Without him, we could not survive. He is the root. One of my
daughters is handicapped. She is 33 year old. She was healthy.
She used to get fits. When we got her operated,
she was paralysed. Since 10 years, I make her
exercise as well as him… I don’t know from where
God gives me the strength. My siblings as well as
my kids should all be fine. We are doing what we can, and
getting two meals a day is sufficient. We did not leave the treatment. Did not leave the treatment,
and the 30 chemo… Doctor, you had said that
we should fight against cancer. So after watching the TV program,
we had started fighting it. We fought with bravery.. We believed that we have no cancer.
We are just fighting. This positive thinking makes you win. This positive thinking… I always use to say that… People get heart attacks,
they meet up with accidents. They die without a chance
to talk to their children… You can at least speak to us.
That’s what we thought. And the progress we have seen of him,
three months back he was bedridden, In 30 chemo,
you would not have survived. That’s what we thought.
If he does not recover, we will go to home. We will not let you die piece by piece. We will not let you die piece by piece. Quality of life is also
important to cancer patients. I hope he got quality
of life at this stage. Has it been three months? Yes, three months. Three months. Three months back, the person
who was bedridden is walking on his legs. He has started meeting relatives also He has started going to office since March. He has joined office in March It will certainly be all well,
God will make all well. Due to your blessings… and God’s blessings… Else he would not have been alive today. If we would have relied only on chemo,
he would not have been with us today. I am telling you the truth today… Chemo was of no use. Chemo destroyed him. We believe that God wishes to
make you well, we are just the medium. So maybe he was meant to get well,
and we were meant to get the credit, the effort were meant to be yours. As they say, no one is God.
When He wishes, He shows us the path. The day I came to know, me and
my son cried in the bed at night. Son was asking as what
was wrong with his father. I used to pray to God that
if there was any way out, he should show that to us in the morning. And God listened to us so well, He showed us the path
first thing in the morning. That day our nephew from
Rajasthan had come. Okay. Same day, early morning…
…we had not even thought. He told us and all solutions… We believe in God We have been to Rajiv Gandhi also. Doctors at Rajiv Gandhi asked us for tests They were fresh tests,
that you had seen. They asked us for repeat tests,
made us to spend Rs. 70,000 for them. Son-in-law said, mom lets go there. We then went to Max. From Max, we don’t know what
came in our mind, He said, “Mother, let us
go to this address.” We might get solution somewhere. My daughter did not give up,
she asked to try for her father. That poor girl… Due to all that effort,
we are on the road to success today. Diet is mine, medicines are yours.
Diet is mine. My daughter’s son is 2 years old. He used to hold my finger
when I went for operation. He is so mature. I used to say to him, ”Where is my pump?” After six months he came home,I asked ”where is the pump?” He showed me that it was kept there. His grandfather’s pump was also kept there. He loves me so much. He did not even get into his bed
saying his legs are dirty, and he will not get on his grandpa’s bed. So this is what is important. People say that cancer cannot be cured. Cancer can be cured. anything can happen This is positivity, this is the
fact, and this is… If… I would repeat it today. Strong will power, determination to fight
and correct treatment makes you win over cancer His willpower was strong,
she gave the determination to fight and treatment, thanks to God,
was correct, and that is why we are
getting this response today. God meant to save them and
we were meant to get the credit. So don’t lose hope. If it comes
to cancer, don’t lose hope ever. Do not lose hope,
hold on to hope. Do not sympathize with the patient. Hold his hand and bring
him out of the disease. Thank you so much.

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  2. Set please MERI mammi ko gall bladder me cancer tha.jiska operation normal surgeon me yah kah Kar diya.ki tumor hai.jab usko lab me bheja Gaya ,to cancer Ka pata Chala .stay set please game guide kare

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