पाचन समस्या – 5 Proven Ways to improve your Digestive System(Fast)

To live a healthy life, it is necessary that your digestive system is healthy. Due to some habbits like eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners and having an unhealthy life, you may have gut related problems. Today we’re going to know, • How can you keep your digestive system healthy. • How can you improve your digestive system. • How can you properly digest food. • Some important thing, that can help you to get rid of all digestive related problems and, • A Healthistic Tip, that you’d like to know. So let’s jump on this video. “SUBSCRIBE TO US” Having a poor or weak digestive system, really a serious issue with your health. Constipation Stomachache Bowel movement after having a meal Acidity Heartburn Indigestion Diarhea Gas Bloating Inflammantory Bowel Disease Thinness
and such like many problems can be cause of a weak and poor digestive system. f you’ve a weak digestive system or if you’ve any digestive related problem, than this video will be very helpful for you. Let’s know, that how can you make your digestive system healthy and strong. 1. Eat Probiotics Probiotics are usually Microorganisms or bacteria. which found in our body. Our body have all types of bacteria, in the sense of keeping or body healthy We generally consider these as germs, but our body is full of these types of bacteria. which includes Good and Bad both types of bacteria. Probiotics are known as good bacteria because they keep your digestive system strong, keeps your stomach healthy, and even they control the Germs found in your body. They are also helpful in:- Constipation, Inflammantory Bowel Disease(IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), Ulcerative Colitis, and other bad digestive situation. You may consume Curd or Probiotics Supplement for need og this. but Curd is better than Supplement, Curd contains more good bacteria rather than Probiotics Supplement. 2. Consume more FIBRE Fibres are primarily Non-Digestable carbohydrates. They are usually found in Fruits, Vegies, Dried Beans, Peas, Lentils and Nuts. A high fibre diet not just keeps your digestive system healthy, even they provides you many other health benefits. Fibres are usually two types – Soluble and Insoluble. Soluble Fibres are those fibres which can dissolve in water. and Insoluble fibres are those fibres which can not dissolve in water. Your diet must be include both of these fibres. They both provide digestive health benefits in different ways. Soluble fibres help you to get rid of Constipation and Diarhea, helps to good bacteria in flourish. and Insoluble fibres help you to get rid of stool related problems. Fibres also helps in Diabetes, Heart Disease, Colorectal cancer, Skin Problems, and decrease the Cholesterol level. You can see in this chart that how much fibre you need daily, according to your age. 3. Do Exercise/Yoga. To ensure a healthy digestive system, it is compulsory to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes Exercise and Yoga too. According to the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, doing Cardio-vascular exercises can make your stomach muscle strong and helps to improve digestive system. There”re several proves that says that doing exercise can helps in to prevent Cancer, Diverticular Disease and even Constipation. Researchers recommendes that keeping a healthy digestive system, there should be some exercises or yoga in your daily lifestyle. Try to do some exercises or yoga for atleast 30 minutes per day. Vajrasana and Matsyendrasana, these are the best yoga poses for keeping your digestive system, healthy. because they both activate the digestive system related organs. Other exercises like Trikonasana, Savasana, and cardio-Vascular exercises can also provide you a healthy digestive system. 4. Eat Healthy. Deep fried foods, Street foods, and fast foods which are high in Refined Carbs, Saturated Fat and Food additives, plays a major role in bad digestive system. Food Additives – which contains Glucose, Salt and Untreated Chemicals can also create conditions like Swelling in Intestine along with Leaky Gut. Not just this, processed foods like, Low Calorie Drink and Ice cream, contains Artificial Sweetners. They can create gut related problem. In a study, it is found that comsuption of only 50 gram of aritificial sweetners, 70% people faced some problems like Bloating And Diarhea. Study also found that, artificial sweetners increases the quantity of bad bacteria. Increasing if bad bacteria can be couse of Bacterial-Imblanace. in results you may face Inflammantory Bowel Disease(IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) Therefore, it is necessary to consume Fruits, Vegies, Legumes, Whole grains and High-Fibre-Diet. Not just digestive system but they keep your body healthy. 5. Drink Enough Water

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