أغذية شائعة خطرة و قاتلة للطيور

أغذية شائعة خطرة و قاتلة للطيور

According to recent researches, new foods have been added to the list of prohibited and toxic foods for birds Your bird can eat most of the food you eat But there are some exceptions, some should be reduced, and others are strictly prohibited because they are toxic and dangerous to birds Now we will mention all of these foods that have been agreed upon after clinical trials I know that you will be surprised, but tomatoes are citrus fruits Many veterinarians recommend to not serve fresh tomatoes for birds as they may cause uclers Dried tomatoes are accepted so that the acidity level decreases during the drying process and the acidity becomes moderate Potatoes and eggplant are toxic because they contain cyanide which disappear during cooking As for sweet potatoes, there is no problem in serving them for eggplant The solanine contained in it is also toxic to birds Therefore, you should refrain from serving white potatoes and eggplant Onion & garlic I am sure that you have seen, read and heard advice from many arab breeders They state that garlic and onions are an antibiotic for cold or diarrhea and that it is the first treatment for birds But there is something hidden that most breeders do not know As for onions and garlic sulfur compounds that they contain are toxic to birds It causes serious blood problems Irritates the oral and esophagus flora It also causes hemolysis and red blood cells rupture which causes anemia to the bird These symptoms do not appear in the first use or repeated uses but in the progress of the age of a bird, it will shrink and make the bird lose from the days of his life Because anemia is the first reason why a bird will die early Because we know that clinical and science trials are better than breeders’ advice or experiences For the love of these birds, do not provide onions and garlic, and do not listen to these wrong advice Because it is not based on any scientific experiments Peanuts contain aflatoxin They are dangerous fungal toxins for birds For this we need to detect the aflatoxin transporter This is related to storage conditions of temperature and humidity It is preferable to buy peanuts with their shell Honey is sometimes contaminated with matte botulinum This causes food poisoning You should know that very little honey is contaminated with botulinum But you are only warned now Therefore, you should avoid and limit honey to birds But regarding honey sticks Honey is cleansed of this substance Therefore, it should not be feared to be presented in this case As for sand, it causes great controversy And definitely bad because it is toxic and dangerous because when you take sand from the sea or from building materials, you do not know what its source is We know that sand helps large birds such as pigeons or poultry to digest because they eat cereals directly without peeling or chewing them Unlike small birds They peel grains and seeds, often take their pulp and throw their scales Also, they grate these seeds in their mouths before swallowing them We do not provide sand to help the digest, as their digestive system is integrated Another thing that should not be forgotten to mention Dried cereals, and fruit cores The almonds in the nuclei of some fruits contain natural toxins called cyanogen cycloside When the bird starts chewing this almond This substance can convert from cyanogen glycoside into hydrogen cyadine which is toxic and deadly to birds Therefore, before serving any fruits or vegetables Cores must be removed from these fruits Mushrooms create problems in the digestive system specially in parrots The stems and caps of some fungi can cause liver failure in some birds and the bird dies immediately after eating it It is better not to give or abstain from it at all Dairy products Animal dairy products contain lactose that your bird cannot digest Moreover, they are high in fat products and cause osteoporosis Lactose or lactase remains in the crop of the bid, ferments and causes diarrhea Also if converted into glucose or glactose (two small forms of sugar) Birds will not be able to convert these two substances so they will accumulate in the blood It interferes with the transport and absorption of glucose Often, this procedure will result in the death of your bird, with repeated use and with age Meat and animal products are not necessary in the diet of parrots and are also inappropriate for their needs Other foods are healthier and better And provide the needs of parrots and other birds such as finches in terms of nutritional value So it is better to avoid these foods for birds Chocolate contains theobromine Floyd, who is poisonous to birds Theobromine is a stimulant like caffeine Also avoid and refrain from providing anything that contain caffeine because they have the same value Signs of poisoning from this substance are vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and hyperactivity Avocado Avocado is poisonous also its wood and tree And its outer skin contains a toxic substance called persin This clover impedes the production and absorption of protein by the body Its concentration is calibrated with its quantity The bird can die within hours or days Clinical traits and analyzes did not determine which part consisted of a bigger concentration of persin It was agreed te refrain from providing avocado to birds I know that the first questions will come to your mind Why do sea birds consume salt a lot and it does not affect them These seabirds carry a nasal gland This gland help them to get rid of the salt they consume by drinking sea water or by eating fish Other birds, such as finches and parrots come from the rainy forests In this natural field there are no sources of salt So they don’t consume salts and even the liver they carry does not them and does not digest or get rid of salt properly This should refrain from serving salt as well as sugar Other than that you will cause damage the liver of your birds and make them sick Salt and sugar should not be used only for health reasons in some diseases that you will find in the veterinary series To know food that you can give to your birds please watch these series

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  1. جزاك الله خيرا .. بجد انت انسان محترم اوى وبتفيدنا اوى ربنا يباركلك 🌺🌸
    بس ممكن سؤال
    بالنسبه للثوم
    انا بعمل للعصافير ثوم بالليمون على الماء مره واحده كل ٣ اسابيع او كل شهر عشان البرد والاسهال وكده
    ده غلط ؟؟

  2. ياأخي الفيديوات قناتك متناقضه في فديو لقناتك تقول قدم الطماطم والبذجان والبصل والبطاطس وهذا رابط الفيديو https://youtu.be/lA6R7U15VD0

  3. هذا الكلام غير صحيح عمليا : أنا جربت الطماطم و بطاطا و مشتقات حيوانية لبن و زبادي و دحي (بيض)
    و مادة تيامين هي أحدا أنواع فيتامين B و هي مهمة جدأ للطير…..
    و الأمور 100٪ هذا الكلام يأما غير صحيح أو الأبحاث هذي مبنية بشكل يجعل قصوها هذا هو الناتج
    ترا نبو تحطلنا مصادر كلام هظا يعني روابط الأبحاث
    لأنه لو لم توضح المصادر سنتظر إلي إلغاء الأشتراك مع الأسف

  4. أخي إذا كان ممكن موضوع عن الشجيرات المضرة للطيور عند وضعها في السلاكة وعن الشجيرات الغير الضارة..آلف شكر أخي

  5. Choukran khouya tbrklh 3lik .. brit nsewlèk ma3lich ila 3tit l calopsette lbèchna f 3iwad man3tihoum zaimo psk ana kanskoun f mdint oujda w raha raliya bazaf w brit na3tihoum l bèchna ma3lich ? .. w mrc avance

  6. وشراك خويا الكريم عندي زوج وزيجت زيبرا يتشجران لقدرت حط تفسير في فيديو او علق على التعليق
    القادم يا اخي العزيز اشكرك من اعماقي قلبي

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